We have recently started the spring semester and are rolling along at a frantic pace. Class changes were kept to a minimum, making changes only when it was in the best interest of student’s future plans. We had a fantastic first semester with much success both in and out of the class room. Our first semester honor roll had 129 students listed. Report cards were mailed home. If you didn’t receive your child’s report card, please contact the school.

As the second semester gets into full swing we are picking up where we left off. I would

encourage parents to continue to stay involved and active in your child’s education. Although we are all busy with a variety of items that eat up our time, we must continue to put our children’s education at the front.

It is hard to believe we are at the end of the winter activity season. District basketball will be the week of February 24th. Be watching the town board and local media for basketball game sites and times. Wrestling regionals will be held in Granby on February 14th and 15th. Spring sport practices will begin February 24th. Any student planning on being part of a spring team will need to have a current physical and all appropriate forms completed. If you have any questions, please call the school office.

As we approach the second half of the school year and with spring around the corner, we

appreciate your continued support in making high school a memorable and rewarding

experience. It is important that your student stays current in their classes and doesn’t fall behind. Our staff is committed to the success of all students and always willing to discuss any concerns you may have or answer any questions. If you need to discuss your child’s education with a teacher, please call the school at 872-3882 to arrange a time to meet.

Delta County School District 50J

7655 - 2075 Road

Delta, CO 81416

PHONE: 970-874-4438 FAX: 970-874-5744

Chickenpox Alert

Important Notice to Parents

March 3, 2014

There are two students at Hotchkiss High School who have been confirmed to have or recently had chickenpox, also known as varicella. Chickenpox causes a skin rash of itchy, blister‐like lesions all over the body. Often there is a fever before the rash. The illness lasts 5 to 10 days. Chickenpox is usually not serious; however, it may cause severe symptoms in some high‐risk individuals such as infants, pregnant women who are not immune to chickenpox, persons who have weakened immune systems because of illness or medications, and persons with chronic skin or lung disorders.

Chickenpox is very contagious. It spreads easily from person to person through the air by coughing and sneezing or by direct contact with the fluid from a chickenpox lesion. It usually takes 14 to 16 days to develop chickenpox symptoms after being exposed to someone with chickenpox, but symptoms may appear 10 to 21 days after exposure.

Two doses of chickenpox vaccine (also known as varicella vaccine) are recommended for children 12 months of age or older who have not had chickenpox. The first dose is usually given at 12‐15 months of age and the second dose given at 4 to 6 years of age. Varicella vaccination (or an exemption to vaccination) is required for children of certain ages or grade levels to attend school or childcare in Colorado.

Some persons who have received varicella vaccine may still get chickenpox, but it is usually milder. The rash is less severe (sometimes only a few red bumps that look like insect bites) and there may be no fever in vaccinated individuals with chickenpox.

Varicella vaccine given within three days of exposure to chickenpox, and possibly up to five days after exposure, may prevent chickenpox or reduce the severity of disease. We recommend you contact your child’s health care provider as soon as possible to obtain varicella vaccine for your child if they have not had chickenpox disease or have not received 2 doses of varicella vaccine. Please contact your local health department about vaccination if your child does not have a health care provider. Your child may be excluded from school in the event of an outbreak if he/she is not immune to chickenpox. Adults having contact with students attending Hotchkiss High School who are not immune to chickenpox should consider receiving varicella vaccine.

If your child develops chickenpox, he/she should not attend school until the rash has crusted over. Please notify school personnel if your child develops chickenpox.

Please call Kristin Pachl with Delta County School District Nursing Services at

(970) 874-7607 if you have any questions.

Below is the DCSD 50 J Annual Report:


Delta County School District 50J

7655 - 2075 Road

Delta, CO 81416

PHONE: 970-874-4438 FAX: 970-874-5744

Dear Delta County School District 50J Community,

Every year, school districts in Colorado report on their performance to their communities, as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. Delta County School District is pleased to announce that our 2012-13 Annual Report to the Public is available.

All of the information required by federal law is available on the Colorado Department of Education’s website, within the SchoolView Data Center: www.cde.state.co.us/schoolview. Then click on “Data Center”. Delta County School District’s information can be found by clicking on the arrow next to the Colorado link on the right hand side of the page. After finding our district, click on the arrow next to Delta County 50J. Individual school information can be accessed by clicking on the school name. Use the tabs across the top of the page to access individual information. The SchoolView Data Center for Delta County School District includes the following information, except as noted:

Assessment Data

1.CSAP results by grade level for each school and for the district. Results are disaggregated by race/ethnicity, English learners, economically disadvantaged students, and students with disabilities.

2.School and district CSAP performance for the last three years, compared to the Colorado as a whole.

3.CSAPA results (for students taking the alternate assessment), if applicable.

4.National Assessment of Educational Progress results for Colorado students as a whole and disaggregated by race/ethnicity, English language learners, economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities.

Accountability Data

1.Colorado was granted an NCLB Flexibility Waiver for 2012, which means that the School and District Performance Frameworks that underlie our state accountability system can be used in lieu of AYP for federal accountability.

2.School and District Performance Frameworks are available in SchoolView at: www.schoolview.org/performance.asp toward the bottom of the page. Simply click on the district and any schools of interest. You will have the option to view performance frameworks based on one and three years of data from both the 2012-13 and 2011-12 school years.

3.The names of schools in your district that are identified as Priority Improvement or Turnaround Schools under Colorado’s accountability system.

Teacher Quality Data: The percent of classes taught by Highly Qualified Teachers, and disaggregated by high and low poverty schools.

This information is also posted on the district’s Web site here: www.deltaschools.com. If you would like a hard copy of this information, please contact Connie Vincent at 970-874-4438 or by mail at 7655 2075 Road, Delta, CO 81416.

The Spanish Version

Delta County School District 50J

7655 - 2075 Road

Delta, CO 81416

Teléfono (970)874-4438 Fax (970)874-5744

Estimada Comunidad del Distrito Escolar 50J del Condado de Delta,

Cada año, los distritos escolares en Colorado reportan su desempeño a las comunidades, como es requerido por el Acto Ningún Nino se Quede Atrás. El Distrito Escolar 50J del Condado de Delta se complace en anunciar que nuestro Reporte anual 2012-2013 esta disponible.

Toda la información requerida por la ley federal esta disponible en el sitio web del Departamento de Educación del Estado de Colorado, en el Centro de Datos SchoolView en www.cde.state.co.us/schoolview Luego haga clic en “Data Center.” La información del Distrito Escolar del derecho de la pagina. Después de encontrar nuestro distrito, haga clic enseguida del Condado de Delta 50J. La información individual de cada escuela se pude acceder al hacer clic en seguida del nombre de la escuela. Utilice las pestanas en la parte superior de la pagina para acceder la información individual. El Centro de Datos del SchoolView de Distrito Escolar del Condado de Delta incluye la siguiente información excepto como se nota.

Evaluación de Datos:

1.Los resultados de CSAP por nivel de grado de cada escuela y del distrito. Los resultados están desglosados por raza/etnicidad, estudiantes de ingles, estudiantes con desventaja económica y estudiantes con discapacidades.

2.El desempeño de CSAP de la escuela y del distrito de los últimos tres años, comparado con todo el Estado de Colorado.

3.Resultados de CSAPA (para estudiantes que toman la evaluación alternativa).Si aplica.

4.Los resultados de la evaluación Nacional de Progreso de Educación de todos los estudiantes de Colorado y desglosados por raza/ etnicidad. Estudiantes de idioma Ingles, estudiantes con desventaja económica y estudiantes con discapacidades.

Explicación de Datos:

1.A Colorado se le concedió Diferir la Flexibilidad de Ningún Nino se Queda Atrás


Important Information

As per Delta School District 50 J guidelines, parents and students are to be made aware of and have the opportunity to read the following District Policies:

JS: Student use of the Internet and Electronic Communications

JICH-R: Drug and Alcohol use by Students

JICDA: Code of Conduct

JIC: Student Conduct

JH: Student Absences and Excuses

JICDE: Bullying Prevention and Education

JBB: Sexual Harassment

Seniors and Senior Parents please follow "We are Hotchkiss High School" for instant updates and postings on Scholarships. If the scholarship is online I will post the website, if it is not online I will post it on the Counselors Wiki. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Mr. S


Apr 16

Daily announcements for April 16, 2014


Cheese Pizza, Ham & Cheese Wrap or Chef Salad


Baseball @ Olathe - 4:00


JV Baseball vs Cedaredge - 4:00


Lots of Library books are now due and overdue. Please return them or renew them.

Don't forget to sign up for ping pong at the office.

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