The following table contains the graduation requirements of students:

Graduation Requirements

 Required to GraduateRecommended For CollegeRequired Courses to Graduate
Language Arts 4 Credits 4 Credits English I (9)
English II (10)
English III (11)
English IV (12)
Mathematics 3 Credits 4 Credits Algebra I and higher
Social Studies 3 Credits 4 Credits Geography (10)
American History (11)
American Govt (12)
Physical Education
*If pre-arranged and satisfactorily completed, participation in two sports in any given one school year will fulfill the requirements for this credit.
1 Credit 1 Credit  
Elective Credit

Foreign Language
12 Credits
15 Credits

1 Credit

Select elective courses that help define or explore interest pathways to include college & career prep.
TOTAL CREDITS 24 Credits    


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